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  • Oronis : ruler of Kurn for over 1,000 years
  • Andas : handles distributing tasks from Oronis
  • Baylon : hot templar chic
  • Jun : Baylon's assistant
  • Shetek : poisonmaster in town
  • Cunet : powerful mage who gives us a discount on powerful items
  • Cuthir : asshole halfling who keeps trying to kill us
  • Karis: owner of book and paper supplies shop near the home compound.  Also sells a few spell cards on the side.

Rockfell (village)

  • Janek : retired Ranger
  • Letru : young fire priest
  • Madge : herb witch who lives nearby

House Azeth

  • Willen Azeth: Head Agent at Fort Meraan
  • Beorne: wind cleric employed by House Azeth at Fort Meraan – also snogging Zuniga on occasion
  • Azeth trust token

House Tsalaxa

  • Lorsk : asshole who enslaved us

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