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  • Oronis : ruler of Kurn for a very long time
  • Andas : Oronis' seneschal, handles distributing tasks he needs done, also the party's contact for selling things to the Templarate.
  • Baelon : hot templar chic, mostly stationed at Azeth's Rest.
  • Jun: Low-level Templar/Druid under Baelon's command
  • Shetek : poisonmaster in town
  • Cunet : powerful mage who gives us a discount on powerful items
  • Cuthir : asshole halfling who keeps trying to kill us
  • Karis: owner of book and paper supplies shop near the home compound.  Also sells a few spell cards on the side.
  • Zeek: Dwarven weaponsmith that the party has been using to craft all their metal weapons.  One of only 3 smiths with metalworking ability in Kurn. 
  • Brul: Dwarven psion (psychometaboloc) at the House of Mind that Mark negotiated a 25% discount on purchased psionic items in return for quests.

Rockfell (village)

  • Janek : retired Ranger
  • Tavaros: Fire cleric in charge of Fire Temple in Rockfell
  • Letru: Young under-priest at the Fire Temple in Rockfell
  • Madge: herb witch who lives about a day out from Rockfell in the foothills of the White Mountains.  Has protected a Tree of Life deep in the nooks and crannies of her valley and will take any defiler remains the party comes across to fertile it and make it stronger.

House Azeth

  • Willen Azeth: Head Azeth Agent at Fort Meraan
  • Beorne: wind cleric employed by House Azeth at Fort Meraan – also snogging Zuniga on occasion
  • Azeth Trust Token

House Tsalaxa

  • Lorsk : asshole who enslaved us

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